One step forward, one step back: iMovie 10.1 in OS X El Capitan

iMovie 10.1 for OS X El Capitan has added the option to edit 4K video.  It however seems to break as many things with each release as it fixes.  This post outlines some of the quirks with iMovie 10.1 as reference guide and for workarounds as they are found.

  1.  Projects and Events now need different names.  If you try to name a Project (Movie) the same name as an Event you end up with event “Movie” and Project “Movie 1”.  This is due to Projects and Events sharing the same folder in the iMovie Contents so that the folder names need to be unique.  The idiotic implementation however causes event “Holiday video 2015” to rename a matching Project name as “Holiday video 2016”!
  2. Cannot resize Library column on right of the Media view.  Although the resize cursor appears when you roll over, it doesn’t work.  The resize does work when you have a Project selected and the Library column will resize in that view only.

Apple ID for the International Traveller

Apple although a global company has serious limitations and issues with those that know how to cross an international border!

In the age of jet travel and a globalised workforce there is something rather quaint (and annoying) about the assumption that you stay in a neat little national-bordered-box.

During the last 7 years I have worked a total of 4 years in Germany, 2 years in the UK and am now living in the USA.  The Apple walled garden model is starting to break down for me.

Like a Rollercoaster, but with water.